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The legacy of excellent customer service and life-long customer and manufacturer relationships began in 1969 from the basement of Bill and Donna Lowry’s Western PA home where they opened their first western store. 

The store grew out of their family love for showing horses and for their desire to supply friends with trendy clothing and equipment for competition. 


Customers came from the surrounding tri-state area to seek out superb quality lines of products, reasonable prices and knowledgeable expertise when selecting clothing, horse equipment and trailers. 

As word of their store spread, they soon outgrew that location and moved to the current store in Washington, PA. 


The current store has expanded and remodeled several times since, most recently in 2006, and displays the latest lines of western clothing, hats, boots, belts and buckles, jewelry and horse tack, in a spacious, well-lighted and pleasant atmosphere to meet your buying needs.

Lowry's Western Shop has kept the tradition of excellent quality service that only comes from the pride of family ownership. The same sense of outstanding customer care and service is instilled in all employees at Lowry's Western Shop who are happy to greet you and help fit you.




Loyal customers have been returning for years, and our relationship with established and nationally recognized manufacturers is unmatched, making you feel comfortable in knowing that we and our suppliers stand behind everything we sell. 


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